Weekly response 5

I can honestly say that visiting the Village of arts and humanities for my official first day as a volunteer was a great experience overall. Upon arrival, a few students and El Sawyer, gave me a tour of the programs campus, which consist of an entire block of row homes beautifully painted. The main building used is a dance studio with the second floor as a computer lab for the students. As you walk through the lab the walls are covered in paintings, drawings, and photography of past work done by the students and professionals who have visited and participated in the program.

Although the Village has just begun its year it is pretty clear to me that each student participating is very interested in the field of studies. Considering I have experience as photographer, the program coordinator has asked me to help organize and assist in the creation of a new curriculum in photography as well as assist in the production of a video made by the students. I am anxious to start producing work but I am a little skeptical in how I will be able to incorporate some of the media literacy lessons for my class. Furthermore, the experience


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