Weekly response 7

Power Point presentation: Highlights and key points of this week readings


Weekly response 6

After the first couple visits to the after school program I was feeling a little anxious and somewhat worried about the progression of my goals for this class and the amount of participation from the program. In spite of this, The Village of arts and humanities seems to have a very family oriented atmosphere and operates in that manner. The type of children that take part at the village are considered minorities and need this type of relaxed atmosphere to help ease them into learning about media, become comfortable with media production, and eventually produce media.

While at the Village I have been working with three students on average but out of the three, one is a lot more motivated then the others. He seems to really have a yearning for any information about photography. Which I think is a good thing, he helps draw the other students in for participation. However, with time and proper guidance the lessons taught should be fun and will pull the students in as well as more students. One of the best features about the Village of arts and humanities is they allow students within the program to choose between all the courses offered. They have free range in what activity they choose and the ability to be apart of multiple classes, it is only asked that they are consistent with their attendance to ensure they actually learn something. Given that the student’s age range from fourteen to twenty-two there is somewhat of an age gap that cause for the instructor to reiterate often.

Nonetheless, I feel that the environment of the village creates a place to learn regardless of age and gender. Thinking about The seven great debates in the media literacy movement by Renee Hobbs, that asks if media literacy should be taught as a separate class opposed to integrated with another subject’s lesson plan. I feel that it should be taught alongside other lessons considering how much media literacy can relate to many topics of discussions. I can see intergrading media literacy with the classes taught at the Village of arts and humanities being successful.

Weekly response 5

I can honestly say that visiting the Village of arts and humanities for my official first day as a volunteer was a great experience overall. Upon arrival, a few students and El Sawyer, gave me a tour of the programs campus, which consist of an entire block of row homes beautifully painted. The main building used is a dance studio with the second floor as a computer lab for the students. As you walk through the lab the walls are covered in paintings, drawings, and photography of past work done by the students and professionals who have visited and participated in the program.

Although the Village has just begun its year it is pretty clear to me that each student participating is very interested in the field of studies. Considering I have experience as photographer, the program coordinator has asked me to help organize and assist in the creation of a new curriculum in photography as well as assist in the production of a video made by the students. I am anxious to start producing work but I am a little skeptical in how I will be able to incorporate some of the media literacy lessons for my class. Furthermore, the experience