Weekly Response 2

This is a music video directed by Mike Carson. This videos goal is to promote the hip-hop artist known as Big Sean. This video is constructed of quick cuts of video, using images that portray the lyrics in the song. The imagery throughout the video is captivating, full of bright colors, attractive jewelry and clothing as well as other items commonly seen in popular culture. If you are familiar with hip-hop and its culture, you can clearly see all of the messages typically endorsed by some rappers in the hip-hop industry. Music videos such as this one are somewhat of a cliché and filled with stereotypes that surround rap and hip-hop and was released because of its commercialism and marketability. People may see this video and see nothing but flashy images and hear an up beat song while others may see an over emphasis on high priced materials and hear nothing but misogynistic lyrics. The lifestyle portrayed throughout this video consists of spending money, making money, having sex, and using marijuana.




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